Old Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Old Chinese medicine contains a concept which has arisen in China over a period of more than 2000 years. The functional philosophy of the old Chinese medicine contrasts with the more superficially (quantitative material) oriented western medicine.

Old Chinese medicine has developed independent diagnostics and therapy due to its theoretical bases. It can recognize pathological deviations, which present themselves as a disharmony of the organs, and re-establish a physiological balance. This happens essentially through the following treatment methods which are related to each other by the uniform model of thought:

1. Acupuncture, Moxibustion
2. Pharmaceutical therapy
3. Massage, joint treatment
4. Dietetics 


Acupuncture has established itself as method used mainly in the West. However, in reality, it is the use of almost all of the aforementioned methods. The energetic static treatment (EST) has a range of application which is a sensible combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and joint treatment. If desired, dietary advice based on Chinese knowledge (nutrition based on the five elements) can given.


Acupuncture points act as control valves in the energy circulation. Since the Chinese believe that disorders of the organism are due to either too much or too little life energy (QI), acupuncture points are used to regulate and compensate the available life energy.


Previous experience (since 1973) with EST has shown that treatment with acupuncture needles is hardly ever necessary. Needles are, therefore, used by us on a small scale and only to intensify the treatments. 

Acupuncture prescriptions

Although the technical literature has prescriptions for almost every disorder or disease of the body, we do not use them due to their schematic nature. The EST diagnostic methods lead to individual treatment methods, thus discarding the schematism which functions only occasionally.

Painful acupuncture?

It is assumed that acupuncture is a painful treatment. This is not the case since acupuncture points, unlike their surroundings, are absolutely insensitive. However, if the acupuncture point is missed and the surrounding area is hit, there will be some pain.

The Qi feeling

During treatment with needles, it is desirable that the patient experiences the so-called Qi-feeling. Frequently, but mistakenly, it is assumed that this means the radiation of pain into the surrounding area. Actually, such sensations are of a milder nature and can be compared to a cold shower.


Remark: Life energy is described as "Qi" in Chinese.

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