I began my lessons 1991 in Switzerland: Massages, foot-reflex, kinesiology and bachflowers. Since 1994 I have worked in my own practice in the Caribbean. Whatever I do is with passion, I believe that life gets more colorful if the heart is in your task.
Soon I realized that what I was offering was incomplete because it was a mere feel-good treatment. I was still far away from touching the source of a problem. I learned lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage, cupping, Touch for Health, trigger points, and yet, all this did still not satisfy me.


Since very few of the residents or tourists spoke enough Spanish, it turned out that I made accompaniments with my still unresolved patients to hospitals and physicians. Besides my therapies I worked several years for a naturopathic and chiropractic doctor, and a laboratory. But in spite of this combination, there were still far too many patients who have not got rid of their pain. 

In 2003 my search for better treatments came to an end when I received lessons from Klaus Radloff, the founder of APM Radloff, in Switzerland. Until today I have not seen any method which can demonstrate such causal, logical and gentle spinal treatments. 
Please watch here APM Radloff explained.


I have been very fortunate to work on Klaus Radloff’s side for over 10 years. It was the most instructive but also the happiest time in my life. This treatment became my greatest passion and the content of my life.

Klaus Radloff is no longer with us today.
It is my desire to preserve the memory of this awesome person, therefore, I continue to carry out every treatment in the same way Klaus Radloff used to work: no endless- and no symptom treatments!


You'll be amazed how APM Radloff defeats your pain.


Gabriela Christ

I speak German, English, Spanish and French





German site of Klaus Radloff
German site of Klaus Radloff

Gabriela Christ, Olten, Schweiz

APM RADLOFF - The gentle alternative to chiropractic

Do not think that pain and its cause can be found at the same place. Unless you have beaten yourself with the hammer on this part.