Klaus Radloff passed away on 03/25/2014


I want you, dear reader, to be able to continue to look for answers and solutions for your pain. Klaus Radloff devoted his life to his work, he researched and improved his method until shortly before his death. So far there is not much to read in English about Klaus Radloff. He has written several books, published articles in health magazines and was represented in health forums.  In 2004 he was awarded an innovation prize in Switzerland.

In the near future I will be translating some of his articles. If any of his former students can help with the translations, I would more than appreciate it.

What is special about the method he developed?

Static considerations: the pelvis and spine are considered a functional unit and are treated as a whole. Unlike chiropractic, where isolated painful sections are treated. Comparing an aching neck with a chiropractor’s work with the leaning Tower of PISA, a chiropractor would straighten only the top floor of the tower. However, every builder knows that a leaning tower from below, mainly from the foundation, must be straightened. The logical entry is therefore from the pelvis (foundation) upwards. The treatment of the twisting of the ilio-sacral joint is an essential part of the treatment according to Radloff. Through this method, the spinal treatment becomes nonviolent. Static treatment also includes the manual treatment of the joints.

Energetic considerations: The energetically-static treatment by Radloff (EST) is based on the principles of traditional acupuncture, which aims to correct disorders of the energy flow. Energy misbalance will be detected among other possibilities through ear acupuncture points. This is also why there is no predetermined routine and every treatment can be different.  

The ear reflexology control by Radloff (ORK). From ear acupuncture of French physician Paul Nogier, Klaus Radloff developed the ear reflex control (ORK). With a lot of effort Klaus Radloff has re-measured the known points on the ear and placed the location of joint and the meridian interconnection system. Thanks to the ORK a practitioner is no longer blind, he also has the option to immediately check every action for its effectiveness.

- For Klaus Radloff the most important part of his therapy was the search for the cause, because a painful area and the actual cause of pain do not necessarily have to be located in the same place. If the orthopedic disease has an internist based cause, the correct use of static treatment according to Radloff would result in relief, but it would treat the symptoms only and not the cause, however, the main emphasis of Radloffs method was to identify the cause, which is precisely what distinguishes Radloffs from other methods.  


Thanks to the research of Klaus Radloff, we can help the patient find the cause through acupuncture points, ORK, pulse diagnosis and segmental agreement places.

Klaus Radloff has left us a four-dimensional spinal therapy: Energetic, Static, Cause research, and the additional option of treatment control by the ear acupuncture


I met Klaus Radloff as his student and became his life companion, I was fortunate enough to work at his side and share his thoughts. Even after many years, he could still surprise me, because his storeroom of knowledge was inexhaustible. His legacy to us is based not only on his brilliant intelligence but also to the fact that he was very humble. Klaus served his work and his determination. He knew no selfishness; he never fit himself into any dogmas, only the truth was important to him. Those who were fortunate to be his student or patients know that Klaus was not only a master, but also he was a man filled with a great sense of humor and a loving heart.


The school in Switzerland is in the hands of Peter Jeker, Klaus Radloff chose Peter as his successor, because it was important to him that his ideas would be retained and not changed by commercial interests, neither conventional medicine or matched to esoteric circles, because Klaus Radloff was a logician.


Through death life ends but love never ends. 


Gabriela Christ


German site of Klaus Radloff
German site of Klaus Radloff

Gabriela Christ, Olten, Schweiz

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Do not think that pain and its cause can be found at the same place. Unless you have beaten yourself with the hammer on this part.