Welcome! We would like to introduce the various possibilities of the Chinese medicine and the energetic static treatment to you here.


APM Radloff is a Chinese method of treatment adapted to western requirements, which Klaus Radloff developed and has been teaching in Switzerland, among other countries, since 1972. APM Radloff is practiced by many therapists in Germany and Austria. In Switzerland it is covered by health insurance companies as well. 


We adapt the treatments to the different needs of our patients. The results of these treatments are so convincing, that we can proudly claim ...


APM Radloff is the gentle alternative to chiropractic. We accomplishes what acupuncture, physiotherapy and massages promise ..!


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Klaus Radloff  (6.4.1940 - 25.3.2014)
Founder of APM Radloff, Switzerland                                                                                      

In Europe there are more than 2,000 EST/APM therapists who were trained under Klaus Radloff. Are you looking for a therapist in Switzerland, Germany, Austria? Some of the therapists are registered with VeT (Energetic Therapy association). Here the address.


More information on the EST/APM you get here: www.klaus-radloff.com
German site of Klaus Radloff
German site of Klaus Radloff

Gabriela Christ, Olten, Schweiz

APM RADLOFF - The gentle alternative to chiropractic

Do not think that pain and its cause can be found at the same place. Unless you have beaten yourself with the hammer on this part.